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Social Responsibility Statement

WE TAKE FIVE is a dancer-sourced telecare company creating personalized micro wellness programs for individuals and enterprises founded on the land of the Lenape, Haudenosaunee, and Oneida peoples. This land, later resettled by Pan-African and Caribbean Immigrants, is now known as Crown Heights Brooklyn, New York, 11216.

WE TAKE FIVE values key contributions Black, Indigenous and culturally diverse

Communities of Color have made to technology and our global society. WE TAKE FIVE, which focuses on healing, is committed to dismantling systemic practices of exclusion and inequity which often surface or intensify physiological pain. We acknowledge our comprehensive privilege as a tech startup founded by white identifying and first generation European immigrants with physical and technological access. WE TAKE FIVE looks forward to consistently analyzing and upgrading our policies and procedures to enhance inclusion, diversity, equity and access within our company and the startup industry.


Note from the founder Roza Saveleva:

I would like to acknowledge that the wellness and fitness industry is as infiltrated with imperialist, white supremacist, capitalist, ableist patriarchy as any other system in the US as well as other countries. I witness how racial, gender, and ableist biases are still affecting me and people

in my life. It is important to point out that even though I was not born or raised in the US, I am a white-bodied cisgender woman and due to that fact throughout my 10 years of living in different parts of the US, I was not perceived as an immigrant, and could easily pass for a white American. I am aware of the leverage I hold within the system where imperialism, white supremacy, capitalism, ableism, and patriarchy prevail to this day and I will never comprehend the full depth of the traumas I myself have not experienced. Our body carries our truth, and there is no way around it. In order to release and relax we need to feel safe. I would like to point out that by simply being a white-bodied person I might appear as or even carry a threat, and it might take longer to build a sense of camaraderie. It is my continuous intention to connect and work with wellness professionals and those interested in self-care that do not look and think like me and cultivate a welcoming inclusive environment so that during each WE TAKE FIVE session I am able to share accessible tools that allow one to have autonomy over their own healing.

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